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Embroidery Workshop ONLINE


My Gran taught me to sew at 11 years old – on an old treadle Singer sewing machine: what a gift she gave me  – it started a life long passion for textiles and embroidery.  I offer you my stitch and embroidery knowledge to you during this intensive 3 week workshop.
Delivered ONLINE via videos, notes and an interactive classroom you’ll learn stitch techniques to make you a confident and independent embroiderer.
This workshop brings together information from a collection of other sessions: Manipulating FabricAppliqué and FMEPainting with Thread and FME with Dissolvable plus offering thoughts on mounting and framing textile pieces.

This workshop starts on Monday 2nd April and last 3weeks until Sunday 22nd April 2018 – please take a look at the student reviews below 🙂


This is a long awaited ONLINE workshop covering my current passion for embroidery, stitch and cloth.  I started sewing at 11 years old, my Gran taught me on her old treadle Singer machine: I remember making a rather complicated vogue pattern for a pair of pin-striped shorts – that was probably the first and last time I followed a pattern! Form there on I made my own patterns, made my own clothes, and stitched my way to Goldsmiths College for a degree in Embroidery.

During this ONLINE workshop we are going to start with some real basics: I believe its important to get everybody standing correctly, walking well and then we can warm up to a sprint [ie. make sure you machine is order, have a good straight stitch and use it well, explore free machine embroidery and all it has to offer].

Course content:

 – Good machine maintenance.

 – Straight stitch/walking well – those who follow my monthly newsletter ramblings know I love a good walk and I feel that straight stitch is often over looked on the way to free machining – I’d like to show you just how much it has to offer!  There are nuggets of knowledge to be gleaned in every direction! I shall make reference to New Grounds : a body of work from a few years ago that heavily utilised straight stitch to created pleated and constructed surfaces

 – Free machine embroidery – starting with some warm up stretches using appliqué we gradually speed up and start to paint with thread.  There will be plenty of information on thread types, needles and techniques – this isn’t a design based workshop: its purely about techniques…you can then incorporate them into your own practice.  

 – Finishing and mounting techniques…you will have to decide when a piece has been worked sufficiently to be ready for mounting…but I shall give you collection of alternatives for presenting your work.

I am not interested in a workshop where you all make the same things and I’m definitely not interested in a workshop where you copy my work [if you need them there will be basic designs to help you along the way] – as a tutor I am keen to help you develop your own working methodologies and in this workshop I will show you stitch techniques that can help you realise your creative potential….but please be aware this is not an overnight process!!

This is a 3 week workshop: all the content will be delivered over the first 2 weeks with the 3rd week available as a ‘catch up’. In all there will be 10 videos with accompanying notes to guide you through.  As with all my ONLINE workshops there will also be a supportive and interactive online classroom [aka private Facebook group] : I shall drop in on a daily basis to offer advice and assistance.

This workshop brings together all the information and more from my Manipulating Fabric, Appliqué and FME, Painting with Thread and FME with Dissolvable workshops…usually 5 days of classroom based work at £70 per day [plus travel] would normally equate to upwards of £350….here you get 21 days of workshops for a bargain price!!

…. make sure your sewing machine is in good working order!!

I hope you will join me 🙂


  • This course has helped me to become more confident with machine embroidery. Dionne has a very easy and friendly style of teaching with clear instructional videos to show you exactly what you should be doing. It is a course which would suit a newcomer to FME as well as those (like me) who have some experience, but who need to develop some confidence and skills building. The Facebook group works very well and everyone has been very friendly and supportive to one another. I have now done all of Dionne’s online courses and can honestly say that I have learned something new from each one as well as having made new friends and found confidence to make my own work.

    (verified owner)

  • This course takes you from trusting your sewing machine to stitch straight to wonderful FME built up in layers in just a few weeks. Delivered with Dionne’s usual clear, friendly and extremely helpful tuition. The FB group gives great support and inspiration – with Dionne’s input of answering all queries and giving extra advice when the need arises. This is the nearest thing to attending a live workshop.

    (verified owner)

  • This online workshop is a treasure chest of new directions from simple to complex. I like the pace of Dionne’s fine teaching because there is time to practice before the next delivery of lesson. Each lesson builds upon the others so a personal repertoire of embroidery skills develops. I do not sew outside free motion machine embroidery so have learnt about threads and needles and machine maintenance. The feedback from the Facebook friends is phenomenal compared to battling away from books or even one off classes.

  • Dionne’s course could be for you if:
    You can’t get to a ‘Face to Face’ FME course;
    You find some day courses leave you frustrated as you need time to consolidate your new knowledge;
    You learn better when you can see the skill being demonstrated and can go back to watch it again;
    You like graded steps with individual support through the Facebook group;
    You enjoy being with enthusiastic learners from all over the world via a Facebook Group and lead by an experienced, friendly tutor.
    I have really enjoyed the course and learnt so much about threads, my machine and how Dionne works…….and don’t be scared of the Facebook side. If I can manage it , anybody can!

  • I highly recommend this class. The lessons are clear, the techniques are varied and helped me to troubleshoot issues with tension and thread breakage that I have had in the past with FME. The Facebook group provided a place to ask questions and Share with a supportive group of other artists. Dionne provides a great deal of ideas to continue to explore a develop.

    (verified owner)

  • I have taken nearly all Dionne’s online courses and this machine embroidery one did not disappoint. Although I have previously used some of the techniques I still learnt loads. Sharing my efforts with people all over the globe on the closed Facebook site was inspiring. It also means that Dionne answers questions, gives tips and helps anyone who is struggling with any of the techniques or their sewing machine! Her knowledge and willingness to share it, is second to none. I would highly recommend this course

    (verified owner)

  • This is a great way to learn the techniques of mark making and drawing with the sewing machine. The course is suitable for different levels of experience, starting with straight stitching, threads and machine maintenance, before venturing into appliqué, free motionwork, couching and translating a drawing into a stitched art piece. Methods of presentation of the finished piece are also well covered.
    The Facebook group gives students access to personalised help from Dionne as well as feedback and contact with other students from around the world. Dionne’s work is unique and I really valued the insight into her practice.

  • What a joy and inspiration Dionne’s online workshops are. I have now completed all of them.
    Dionne has a natural way of making you feel completely at ease,even if you have never met her or taken one of her workshops before. Beginner or experienced crafts person ! She explains thoroughly and writes thoroughly every aspect involved in the process to be undertaken. Also you have plenty of time to assemble everything you need, and plenty of time to keep up with your fellow students via the Facebook group. The short videos are very explanatory and easy to follow,almost although Dionne is in the room. Classes are just a whole load of FUN!
    I just wish there was new classes for me to experience! Thankyou Dionne

    (verified owner)

  • When I saw this new online workshop from Dionne i signed up straight away. Having done some machine embroidery before, I knew I liked it, but having done the workshop, and learned so many techniques, I now love it. I am not new to Dionne’s style, having taken her online courses before, so looked forward to her gentle and enthusiastic delivery. The Facebook classroom is terrific, a real ‘buzz’ gets going as the class members post their work and ask questions. These are answered both by the others in the class and Dionne herself, who never seems to be far away!

    (verified owner)

  • A clear, enabling and inspirational course. Dionne’s wealth of experience shared so generously.highly recommended.

    (verified owner)

  • Another fantastic workshop with Dionne. Her teaching style is superb: encouraging and stretching at the same time. The format works beautifully allowing plenty of time for experimentation, reflection and, surprisingly, really good interaction and collaboration in the virtual classroom. This, together with the specific feedback she gives means that the learning experience is extremely positive. This is the third online workshop I have taken with Dionne and I am looking forward to the next!

  • A great online course that I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to move forward with free machine embroidery.

    (verified owner)

  • Although experienced with free motion sketching and embroidery, I found this course an excellent review. Not only that, but new plenty material kept me interested and challenged, excited to go into my studio , building a habit of doing something on a daily basis. I am more confident in my abilities on my machine, and have ideas buzzing around that I am anxious to translate into stitch. Thank you, Dionne. Brilliant workshop!

    (verified owner)

  • All these reviews describe exactly how excellent this course is, just like others of Dionne’s. There is plenty to learn, lots of snippets and gems tucked in the videos, course notes and Fb pages. The group and Dionne have been immeasurably encouraging, leaving me with so much to continue with.

    (verified owner)

  • This is the 3rd on-line course of Dionne’s that I have done and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. This one was the best as for me it brought together elements of the other courses, but it obviously is stand alone as well. I leant so many new techniques ideas, and I love being part of the facebook group, giving and receiving feedback is so inspiring and helpful. Dionne’s feed honest criticism, positive and negative, is invaluable to help improve one’s work. Thank you Dionne, I look forward to doing another course with you.

    (verified owner)

  • I’ve loved every moment of the Free Motion Embroidery on-line workshop. It was absorbing, challenging rewarding and really good fun. I could do it at times that suited me in the comfort of my own work space and felt well and truly supported by my peers in a dedicated Facebook Group. I’ve learned so much more than Free Motion Embroidery. Dionne is both inspiring and encouraging. I’ve looked forward to down-loading every tutorial and now I’m looking forward to practicing and experimenting with my newly developed skills. It’s opened so many new doors!

    (verified owner)

  • I loved this workshop, I learned so much in 3 weeks. The time went so quick. It was great to do this after the two other courses, developing sketchbook , drawing for textiles, I felt as though this bought all the information Dionne had passed on together. Hopefully this will help me move forward in my work. Thanks Dionne

    (verified owner)

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