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Drawing for Textiles

Drawing For Textiles Online


Kick start creativity by taking part in this exciting ONLINE workshop starting Monday 5th February – Sunday 25th February 2018 : 3 weeks 

Develop your drawing style and most importantly your ‘perception’ of drawing.  Learn to draw in a purposeful way, one that will actually support tactile discoveries.

As with all of my workshops you won’t create a bag/scarf/cushion but you will have a resource of drawing development techniques and the skills to translate your drawings into textile surfaces – these will transform the way you work.



Kick start creativity by taking part in this exciting ONLINE workshop. Monday 5th February 2018  for 3 weeks

Develop your drawing style and most importantly your ‘perception’ of drawing. Learn to draw in a purposeful way, one that will actually support tactile discoveries.

As with all of my workshops you won’t create a bag/scarf/cushion but you will have a resource of drawing development techniques and the skills to translate your drawings into textile surfaces – these will transform the way you work.

Delivered in a series of sessions you will have access to information for 3 weeks, it makes sense for you to clear space in your calendar to devote to your work; a minimum of 2 clear days or the equivalent [approx 16 hours]. So you may be busy at the beginning of the workshop, but take on board the information, ready to get practical by the final week – you structure your time to suit your own scenario.

  • Introduction
  • Stages of seeing
  • Make your mark
  • Review
  • Tactile translations

Delivered via videos, text, illustrations and speedy tutor feedback. For me the latter makes a major difference when taking an online workshop.  This is not a workshop where you sign up and are left to your own devices [however you can choose that route if you wish] I don’t want my students to feel isolated and I want this personal approach to define my workshops.  This is personal content that can’t be copied or imitated!!

This workshop was originally a 2 day face to face workshop with me but online you get a whole 3 weeks for a similar price with no travel/accommodation expenses. To consider whether an ONLINE workshop is for you please check out the DEBATE pages where you will read about other experiences. Note: I would suggest that this workshop isn’t suitable for complete beginners.

You will need a fast broadband speed to watch the instruction videos successfully and have sufficient IT skills to respond to emails, follow links, comment on blogs and upload images and engage in a private Facebook group too.

A supplies list is sent out 2 weeks prior to the start date.  As well as a range of drawing media and over head projector, I shall be demonstrating on a sewing machine with free motion capabilities and an embellisher [needle punch felting machine].

If you have an old straight stitching machine that will be fine – You will learn how to maximise its potential.  I offer alternatives for the embellisher too – there are hand help options. Note; a sewing machine and embellisher are desirable but not essential for this workshop and alternative hand methods will be illustrated – any queries, do get in touch.


  • I’ve really enjoyed your well put together workshops. Although I have not managed to participate online (late start, little time to do more than have a quick go … I have stored and noted everything you have suggested and been excited to explore some of your processes). Thank you and I look forward to the screen printing. I will be in Italy from 1st April but will see what I can fit in my suitcase !

    Kind regards and hope the knee is on the mend !

    Di Burch

  • Thank you Di – yes the knee it much improved! You should be able to get most of the silk screen work done before your trip to Italy 🙂 See you in the next class!!

  • This course operates so well on many levels – building confidence in mark making, exploring scale and textures, not to mention combining marks made with the embellisher and sewing machine. The information and advice given is very inspiring.

  • Dionne is a very generous and encouraging tutor. She gave insightful feedback and her friendly attitude helped to shape what was an enjoyable and well planned course.

  • I thought the presentation, structure and content of the online course was excellent, offering a great balance of material to inspire and inform without being overwhelming. Dionne is a skilful tutor who communicates in a clear and enjoyable way in her videos and printable written material and this, along with the opportunity for online interaction with the course group, made it very satisfying to participate. I’ve already booked for another course.

  • I have just completed my first online workshop with Dionne, Drawing on Textiles. I have taken many workshops over the years, none online, .both nationally and internationally. I learnt much but never really enjoyed them . I just never really liked the workshop experience and never did well at them until I was at home on my own and could do and complete the project In my own time and at my own pace. At the workshops I found I never liked working on the actual project as was expected of the participants. I liked listening to the instructor,taking notes, talking to the other participants and then walking around looking at what everyone else was doing. I never did well at workshops. Then when I got home I would do the project right away on my own and send pictures of the completed project to the instructor. Doing this online course showed me that the format suited me perfectly. It perfectly suited my learning style. Dionne did an excellent job on every level. I got everything I needed from the workshop and look forward to using the techniques. It certainly opens up a world of possibilities. I shall now really seek out online courses in the future, especially with Dionne.

  • Thoroughly to be recommended. Full of inspiration.

  • Dionne has a talent for inspiring via a combination of her personable, informative video style which showcases a wide range of drawing and textile techniques. The feedback available, if you use the Facebook option, allows speedy supportive responses from Dionne, plus a chance to see and share progress that helps build the group community.
    The drawing component of D4Textiles opened my eyes to observing objects with much deeper understanding. Lots of techniques I have never used before! Then being shown how to turn my unique drawings into textiles by exploring embellishing (whether you are a machinist or hand sewer) was the icing on the cake!
    I have a textile piece I am proud of, a multitude of new transferable techniques and lots of experimental samples to refer to in the future.
    Thank you Dionne so much for an excellent course.

  • Very inspirational workshop, offering different approaches to mark making. And in turn interpreting and embroidering those marks. Dionne offers constructive and friendly feedback through out the workshop. I feel my creative side has be relaunched after 18months away from my craft as a graduate textile designer. thank you Dionne 🙂

  • I found this course excellent. It has given me drawing approaches and stitch approaches that have inspired me to rush to my studio!

  • I have learnt lots of techniques and tried out new things i would not have done otherwise on this course, so it has given me new directions and inpirations. Dionne has a done a really good job in the planning and presentation of the course work and videos, and sees this through with speedy, helpful and very positive feedback in her delightful personal style. Would love to do another course with her, both online and in person.

  • What a way to spend a rainy half term – fabulous – and great fun too. I feel inspired to continue drawing and transforming my images into textiles and have booked the builder to come and sort out a space for me to have permanently. I turned 50 in February and this year is all about me!! I did a Constructed Textiles degree in the late 80s and then City and Guilds embroidery – followed by children and very occasionally I managed some time to create – usually a painting for someone else!! So THANK YOU Dionne and the ladies in the groups who have all given a lovely stream of images, advice and thread work. I love the needle puncher – that is going to be an investment for me!
    Having a permanent space off the kitchen will mean that i can dip in and out of work and keep tinkering with pieces – I am looking forward to not having to put projects away so that I can really develop ideas and make beautiful things.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this workshop. I enjoyed experimenting with different mark making techniques and then interpreting the marks using embroidery, needle punching and stitching. The videos and instructions were very clear and Dionne is an inspiring and encouraging tutor, offering constructive and friendly feedback through the group Facebook page. I would recommend this workshop for those who want to develop drawing skills for their textile work but don’t know where to start, as well as the more experienced who would like a fresh approach. Thank you Dionne.

  • This was a really well paced workshop. I love receiving the daily video and notes. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of working large scale, something I don’t normally do. I’d really like to have the time to redo the exercises with a different design source, something more relevant to whatever I am working on – my own fault that I didn’t this time! I loved using the embellisher to interpret some of my designs and was delighted to actually learn how to use it after buying it five years ago! Dionne has suggested some novel approaches to design and interpretation which I shall continue to develop in my own work. Looking forward to screen printing next.

  • This is my third online class this year so it is interesting to compare this class as the previous two were hosted on Ruzuku. The videos were very well presented and a high point of the course. Dionnes feedback was very helpful but I would have liked to see more posts from the other participants. I think there are two main reasons: lack of time and Facebook. I feel that 3 weeks is too rushed when you work full time and have a family life to maintain. Facebook is fine if you already use it but some people are reluctant to use it (guess that applies to other online platforms to be fair).
    On the whole a very positive experience but please make sure you have enough free time.

  • Thank you Vivienne: you’re right it is important that students devote time to learn…if this were a face to face class you would block time out in you diary, I suggest this is necessary for this type of workshop too.
    I find that some groups are very chatty online and others less so: it’s hard to define exactly why that is. Regards Dionne

  • This was a wonderful class for both a beginner and a professional. I wanted to get back into a daily drawing practice and these were just the exercises to gently and creatively guide me back. Dionne is a very thoughtful teacher and very organized. All in all, a really rich experience! I’ll be back for another class.

  • This is the second of Dionne’s courses that I’ve done. I’ve found both of them – Developing Sketchbooks and Drawing for Textiles – extremely beneficial, challenging and fun. The courses are very well put together and I found myself doing things that I’d often wondered about but never tackled. The online feedback, both from Dionne and other members of the course, is so helpful too – a new community is created over the airwaves.

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