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Developing Sketchbooks Online 2017

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The Developing Sketchbooks workshop commences on Monday 4th September 2017 [finishes 17th September 2017] and consists of a series of emails, videos and blogs which will guide you through the development of a sketchbook. By the end of the workshop you’ll have a full & jam packed book full of ideas and techniques which you can refer back to again and again.

Explore a series of easy and exciting practical exercises which you can add to any design project – they’ll help you develop imagery and are key elements to any sketchbook.



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This Developing Sketchbooks online workshop commences on Monday 4th September 2017 [finishes 17th September 2017] and consists of a series of emails, videos and blogs which will guide you through the development of a sketchbook. By the end of the workshop you’ll have a full & jam packed book full of ideas and techniques which you can refer back to again and again.

Explore a series of easy and exciting practical exercises which you can add to any design project – they’ll help you develop imagery and are key elements to any sketchbook.

Here’s an overview of the areas we’ll cover:

  1. Lose the fear: starting a new book is full of woes, let me show you how!
  2. The essential ingredients.
  3. No panic drawing/observation
  4. Found and abstracted
  5. Cut and enhance
  6. Repeat and play
  7. Review

A supplies list will be sent to you a few weeks before the class starts – to be honest I’m going to guess you’ll have most of it hanging around – but I’ll give you some time to gather everything.

Information will be sent to you over a 7 day period, but you will have access to the password protected blog/videos etc for 2 weeks, so you can take your time and re-watch videos as required. [you will need suitable computer based skills to access information – answering emails, engaging on blogs, uploading images.] So that you truly engage in the workshop environment I success you set definite time aside for yourself to create – after all if this were the studio version you would spend a complete day engrossed in creativity – give yourself that time!

Online interaction with your fellow students is very beneficial and this will be a key point of contact and feedback: there is a private Facebook group where you can share images of your results.

Thank you Dionne for another spectacular course. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed on-line classes as much as yours, for content, for inspiration, for your considered, considerable and considerate on-line presence and for the way we have all made such great connections. It’s been great feeling a part of such a wonderful community.

A comparable studio workshop would be £70- £80 per day, plus your travel and accommodation costs on top – learning online represents significant savings and can offer you more time to full absorb the information. If there are any other workshop you would like to see translated in this way, please let me know your thoughts.


  • Thank you for re igniting the fires of imagination and helping me to recharge my creativity Dionne. I loved your approach towards facing a blank sketchbook to deconstruct and reconstruct them as you go along and although the course is over, it is still a work in progress, that evolves each time I look and start to play with it again as I say ‘what if’………

    (verified owner)

  • Thanks Dionne for your online workshop just completed. It was just what I needed to get my creative juices flowing again after a difficult 18 months of family issues, when my art had to take a back seat. Your course is well constructed and you are very generous sharing you methods of working. Being able to take pages out of the sketch book and add others has been a revelation and I can’t seem to stop creating new ones.

    I sometimes attend a painting workshop with a local artist, I like to use mixed media and collage, am hoping I can develop something using the sketch books I want to try and work in a more abstracted way.

    It has also been great to see other people’s work and receive their positive comments. This course has led me to become able to upload my images and use the Facebook site. The link to the Sketchbook and experimental textile site is great for sharing work and getting some feedback, from people with the same interests. You can feel isolated when working alone.

    Looking forward to the next workshop in February. Once again many thanks.

  • This has been my first On-Line Workshop . I found the sessions easy to follow and the videos clear and informative .
    This has helped me develop my own sketchbooks from a mess of unrelated pages to a more cohesive way of working.
    Thank you Dionne .

    (verified owner)

  • Sketchbooks/workbooks, always something I have put off! Thoroughly enjoyed, and learned a lot, from this workshop. How to start to view and image objects differently, how to develop images etc. Got a bit to grips with Facebook, it’s not as scary as I thought, and as a closed group ideas and information were kept private. This was my first on line workshop, and it was worth every penny, shall recommend to friends. Dionne an excellent tutor.
    Will do next workshop too!

    (verified owner)

  • As a first time onliner, this was a great introduction to the experience. The videos were as supportive, stretching and inspiring as the work shared by the other partipants in my group. As a returner to sketchbooks after a long break, everything has moved on! Dionne has literally given me a whole new perspective on form, abstraction, tricks and tips. Thanks so much. And yes, I have signed up for more.

  • This workshop has inspired and enabled me to get to grips with using a sketchbook for the first time. I can’t stop now! Dionne has produced a course that is well structured with short videos and enough information for you to make a start with each lesson. Too much information can overwhelm especially when you are working alone but here it was just right. I have felt equally encouraged to try everything even when I found it difficult and the facebook group has really helped with that. I hesitated to try this course and I am so delighted that I joined as I have had such a fun couple of weeks. As a teacher myself I can see just how skilled Dionne is and I have signed up for the drawing for textiles course. I recommend this course as it has removed my fear of sketchbooks and drawing and I can genuinely say it has enriched my enjoyment of art.

    (verified owner)

  • I keep many sketchbooks but had heard about this course and thought I could use a New Year’s Jumpstart. Can’t believe the amount of work I did in 2 weeks (while still teaching and working with clients) and the variety of work I did while sticking to a theme. You don’t have to be a beginner to get a lot out of this – and a lot of fun. Thanks again Dionne!

    (verified owner)

  • I have just finished an on line Developing Sketchbooks course run by Dionne Swift. I would highly recommend her courses as they are so inspirational. I hadn’t created a colourful sketchbook since my City and Guild’s days but instead concentrated on lifelike pencil drawings of plants. birds and butterflies. This course made me open my mind to lots of new possibilities regarding colour, form and flow, all done in a relaxed, experimental manner. It will now encourage me , not necessarily looking at the whole of something, but to look at the world in a different way, exploring its constituent parts. I am very much looking forward to my next course with her which is Drawing for Textiles. Some images from my sketchbook can be seen on my blog at patktextiles.blogspot.com

  • Liberation and Inspiration and fantastic value! I so enjoyed this course, it was a great way to start my creative year…and the learning goes on beyond the course and applies now to all that I do. Thank you so much!

  • Thank you Dionne for an inspiring and enjoyable workshop. As a beginner to sketchbook work I found the exercises really interesting and they challenged me without being too daunting. The videos and instructions were very clear and your constructive feedback was invaluable. I now have lots of ideas about how to use what I’ve learnt in my own work. Having a closed Facebook group was also helpful and everyone who contributed was open and supportive. I look forward to taking part in future workshops.

    (verified owner)

  • Dionne, I enjoyed your online Drawing for Textiles course so much that I signed up for the Developing Sketchbook course that has just finished – this too was a great course and I didn’t want it to end!

    I like the way you encourage and inspire participants to explore, play and develop their own visual responses and I’ve come away with more confidence to continue these processes from some new starting points.

    The course mix works very well – your enjoyable videos introducing each exercise with notes to print off and keep, along with the opportunity to share and comment on photos with other participants and see your feedback on Facebook

    Thank you for a rich and worthwhile experience!

  • This workshop came in a bad time for me! To much to do and just back from a vacation period! Any way I picked up a week later. All the different things to do in the workshop and certainly the materials to use was very exiting and reminded me of my childhood! I always loved to draw and playing with colours. I was and are very addicted to HANDWORK and also to produce to MAKE things. A day I have nothing to look at I MAKED was not a succesful day… So I believe for me it is also a therapy…
    But…this workshop learned me to come in a different way to design without thinking …(But I am the last years never without ideas! ) Certainly by making fiberart now and no more contemporary lace who was much more limited!
    It is possibe I apply to the workshop of machine embroidery 2017 in April . I like very much the freehand embroidery…
    Take care Dione and thanks for learning us different techniques!

    (verified owner)

  • Thank you Dionne for a brilliant workshop. I have enjoyed it so much. Having permission to play and get messy has brought about some exciting and unthought of results. I have used so many of the art materials I had at home in such a new way, water colours for sploshing and crayons for scribbling without feeling inhibited and so many papers I’d made in the past and then didn’t know what to do with have a new life. Even with family illness getting in the way I feel I have achieved so much and will carry on designing and sometimes just playing for play sake this way. Somehow, nothing looks quite the same now my eyes have been opened. I will certainly be doing the Drawing for Textiles at a later date.

    (verified owner)

  • I really enjoyed the challenge of producing the work within a set time limit, though you do need to have the time available to just play. It made me think widely around the theme and fish out some of those media I hadn’t used in ages. Some new ideas about how to approach any theme will be incorporated into my future practice. Thanks Dionne for a great, inspirational course. J. Fairless

  • I had the most brilliant time doing this course. Loads of ideas, techniques and examples, and buckets full of inspiration and encouragement all the time. A very friendly Facebook group who posted loads of stuff and gave great feedback. The whole experience was uplifting and restarted my enthusiasm for textiles and textile art. Thanks so much Dionne, I had a blast, and will be back for more !

    (verified owner)

  • Thankyou, Dionne, for giving me new ways of developing ideas, then such a manageable way to explore, develop and store those ideas. I have enjoyed your clear explanations, the video demonstrations, and the ongoing support of both yourself and the other students in this community over the weeks of the class. I have especially appreciated the innovative ways you gave us to build and reorder our ideas in such an easily accessible format. I so look forward to developing the skills further, and sharing them with the Post Workshop FB group!

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